yconic - What is the importance of 2nd semester mid-term marks for university? Grade 12
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What is the importance of 2nd semester mid-term marks for university? Grade 12

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I dont know if its true or not but I heard that all the universities you applied to will give you acceptance or not for sure at mid terms at 2nd semester. And if they do accept you they will give you a conditional offer which states that if you maintain a certain average you get a spot. Furthermore this average is supposedly a lot lower than the average you would currently have. Is this true? Because if it is it doesnt seem fair. Is this the case for engineering at waterloo, mcmaster and western?
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from what i understand may 31st is the last day for universities to give you an offer, deferral or refusal which are based on you 1st semester final marks and your 2nd semester midterm marks, unless you receive early acceptance(conditional) based on your grade 11 marks or/and 3 completed 4u/m courses. Once you receive a conditional offer which is usually lower than the mark that you have, your final marks will determine whether or not you get to keep that offer if you maintain the conditional average that was stated in your letter that you received.

for your engineering question i assume that it works the same way because this applies to all universities and undergrad programs unless otherwise stated by the university of choice.
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Thay is right
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