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What is the minimum cGPA needed to get into grad school if coming straight out of university

A photo of SugarySweets13 SugarySweets13
I'm a first year management student at UTSC and I was thinking about doing my master's degree right after my four years at UTSC. What is the minimum cGPA needed if I want to do a master's in accounting, finance or human resources (I haven't decided what stream I want to go into yet)?
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A photo of SparklingBG SparklingBG
It really depends on the school and the type of program in management you are planning to apply to..Master's program in general usually want a minimum of 3.0 or higher but that's just to look at your application..that doesn't mean you will get in. They also look at the experiences, personal statments, references letters, resume, volunteer/work experience etc. I'm not applying to a mgt program but from my friends who are enrolled in the BBA program at scarborough, they have told me that most if not all MBA program require you to have work experience (at least a year) before you apply so it may be difficult to apply straight from undergrad.

Two things you can do over the summer:
1. Look into the masters programs and the requirements that they have right now..they will change over the next four years but if gives you an idea
2. When school starts in September, make an appointment with academic advising and the career centre (AA&CC). They have help with planning your future and your goals.
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