yconic - What is the repuation of St. Michaels College at U of T?
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What is the repuation of St. Michaels College at U of T?

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I got an offer there, but i don't really know much about it or what it is known for? does it have much prestige? Obviously its not as prestigious as trinity(where i applied but got denied)..but yea what its reputation?
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Kind of a vague question. I have no idea what the colleges are like in terms of statistics (percentage of applicants accepted, entrance averages, etc.), but if you're looking at prestige as an abstract concept, I guess it's similar to UC--less pretentious than Vic and Trin, but not as mundane as Woodsworth. Of course these are all stereotypes, but St. Mike's sounds like a laid-back place to me. I imagine it's the middle ground between the classical Oxbridge style and the modern style of most other UofT colleges and some nearby universities like York.

(I'm aware that this is a vague response but it's hard to get a good feel for a college's reputation if you're not from it. That's what frosh week is for :P)
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there is no prestige. really. it doesn't matter.

in terms of college stereotypes: lots of Catholics and Italian people. lots of weed. lots of parties and guidos.
...but really, no idea lol
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All the colleges suck compared to New College, its right in the middle of campus, in terms of location University College and New College are the best. In terms of other crap like social life and parties, they don't exist at UofT, I mean in reality they do, but they aren't parties that you would want to go to, full of preppy nerds.
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