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What is your passion? And how did you find it?

A photo of milliex51 milliex51
You know those videos of people telling you that to find a great career you must follow your passion? Well, I can't think of any except having an interest for chemistry, dissecting and my love for animals (but my parents think it's normal for kids even 16 years olds to love animals, so this type of passion will fade) :bounce:
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A photo of MattUK MattUK
This might sound strange, but mine is North Korea - and has been since I was twelve.
Just understanding and researching this seemingly enigmatic pariah state. Since I'm educating myself as an economist, I intend to take advantage of its (relatively) more open foreign policies in order to involve myself in the economic development and recovery schemes now being approved by the government.

In a more broad sense, I've been fascinated and enthralled by East Asian culture and history since I was about two years old - when I saw a Chinese rice-paper sketch.

Although, as the original poster, it'd be proper if you'd outline your passion.
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A photo of ticklemuffin ticklemuffin
My passion is teaching and helping others. I'm such a humanitarian, I love improving the world. I love inspiring others.

I guess I found it because I decided that this is what I like to do.

Outlining what you like to do and going on from there is a crucial step.
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