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What is your study routine to get high 80s-90s?

A photo of milliex51 milliex51
Do you automatically do homework or study once you get home? Also, how do you guys study? What note-taking techniques and study techniques do you use to excel? For those who are taking science courses and math, how do you prepare for tests? What methods do you use? For how long do you study? It's because I learn that studying for too long doesn't help.. :|
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A photo of random random
When I go home, I play games and go on Facebook. Relaxing is pretty important.

I study a few days before the test. I look at all questions assigned and in order to save time, I only do the ones I don't know how to do. Doing something you already know how to do isn't as effective.

When taking notes, don't write down things that are common sense or things you know. (e.g. atoms are small, bacteria have cell walls) That may distract you. Focus on the teacher; their movement and expressions may help you remember things that are actually important.

I'm getting a 95.something average in my top 6, so I guess that works for me. My habits would probably change when university comes around.
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A photo of KingKhan KingKhan
I don't even pay attention during lessons. I just go home, read the textbook section that was being taught that day and do the assigned homework and make sure I understand it 100%. I study for tests for 1-2 hours the night before and I'm currently sitting at a 92% average.
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A photo of sheenak47 sheenak47
Hey. I'm an undergrad student in my first year with a 90+ average. My routine works best for me, you should try different techniques until you find something that works best for you.

It's important to know how much each assignment/test/attendance is weighted for your final grade so you can manage your time wisely. I prefer doing coursework or studying after the sun has gone down.

If a prof has notes posted online, then I take very brief notes in lectures. If notes aren't posted online, then I pay close attention, note important information and examples. It's always good to make a friend or find a buddy that can fill you in if you miss a class or zone out for a bit.
For readings, I generally take a couple hours a week to skim through less important/long ones and read more important/short ones. If it's necessary to remember passages for readings, I use a highlighter.

When I'm studying for quizzes and exams, I re-write what I call a "cheat sheet" (but it doesn't actually involve cheating). It's basically a few pages of condensed, important notes and examples that I can memorize for tests. This way, I'm reviewing everything, I'm not overloading on information but I have all the important stuff down pat.
Agreed above, if there's something I'm totally sure of or something common sense for me, I tend to skip it when I'm studying. Usually start to study hard 2 or 3 days before a final/midterm.
This is random but definitely affects my success: when I'm studying or writing a paper, I always have a healthy snack and lots of liquid, usually vitamin water. When my body is happy, my brain works better.

Good luck!
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A photo of Limelight Limelight
My average is in the 90s and I honestly go home and play on the computer until about 10pm...then start homework/studying. When I do study, I study the night before and I think the most I've ever studied in high school for any test or exam was about an hour. I usually just read over my notes once and read the textbook pages when applicable. I'm not sure why, but I've got issues studying. I just can't concentrate.

However, I always complete my homework and assignments before the due date (even though I'm always one of those people who start the day before). I think the most important factor is to actually listen in class and take notes. If you're able to understand the material, you won't need to study as much because you already know it. Another thing is to take courses that actually interest you because that will help you pay attention in class.
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A photo of Rela Rela
Haha same as everyone else, I have a 97 average but I don't pay attention in class at all and I just play starcraft as soon as I get home until 10 when I don't have any major assignments. Personally, I find learning the material yourself more interesting and beneficial than listening to the teacher yap all day.

For major tests, I start studying 3 days before the test and it's usually enough for my brain to process the information and for major assignments, I try to finish the project on the weekend before it is due. Over-studying is just as bad as understudying so you should not give yourself too much pressure. Ironically, I've studied less in grade 12 than in grade 9, 10 and 11.
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A photo of SmartyPup SmartyPup
Firstly, I try to give myself a little bit of a break when I get home- meaning I have a snack, I check my email, etc. I always finish my homework (at least until most of it is at least finished). Start studying way before a test- and when I say study, I mean it would just be easier to review notes everyday after school. I make cue card study notes where I write down all of the important information, and these I can then bring with me anywhere and study quickly. Always start assignments before they are due, so that you have plenty of time to finish them or ask your teacher any questions about it- before you find your self scrambling the night before. It also helps to know what way you best remember information: do you memorize facts easily, or need to re-write things over and over, or write a song/poem to help you remember relevant information. Always ask your teacher if you need help with something- this is what they are being paid for-to answer your questions and teach you. Lastly, to be perfectly honest, I like to web search any topics to which I am ot comfortable with. I remember recently that I was having problems with Optimization problems in Calculus and I googled for some tips and tutorials about it and it helped me understand better. But mainly, it does take a lot a work.
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