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What kind of marks do you need to get into u of t/ waterloo chem eng

A photo of TePaps TePaps
So as of right now my marks are

80- english
91- advanced functions
92- physics
88- religion
average- 87.75

They are all going up ( just got 100 on a math test and 97 on a physics problem set)

I know my average is kind of low i need to bring it up. Plus next semester i have calculus and chemistry both of which i'm good in ( got a 92 in chem last year and i always do well in math)
But as of right now what are my chances of getting into chemical engineering at u of t or waterloo. Please be honest.

Also some of my ec's are

took leadership course offered at my school
Was on leadership at my school. Therefore went up to an overnight camp for 3 nights, me and 2 others had to watch over 12 grade 9's for the weekend.
Ran an overnight fundraiser at our school which raised thousands of dollars
Work 2 jobs right now one being Mcdonalds and the other being a rink guard for the city of toronto
Have my first Aid citification's and was a waiting pool attendant last summer
There are more....
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A photo of jelly jelly
If your average goes up a bit like you expect it to, you should be in an okay spot.
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A photo of yomamasdad yomamasdad
The marks required for Chem Eng at Waterloo could be quite competitive.

So far, your marks look fine. I picked up a booklet at the university fair and this is what they said:

85-90% 40% chance of receiving an offer
90-95% 85% chance of receiving an offer

They do do individual selection so you should be fine.
I recommend raising your marks a little bit though.

Check their page out:
Good luck!
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A photo of TePaps TePaps
Ya i figure by the end of this year my average will be about 90.3 or 89 or something around there...
It's just english no matter how hard i try i cant get above an 80
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