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What LifeSci Program at UofT - St. George.

A photo of mohammadahmad mohammadahmad
Hey guys,

I applied to York University Biomedical Sci during December. Now I wanna apply to UofT - St.George.

What program do you think is most similar to York's Biomedical Science at UofT.

Thanks !!! (my average is like 92%, I'm only applying to these ones cuz i cant live on campus, so there is no point in applying to mcmaster, mcguill and what not)
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A photo of skonidis skonidis
U of T has the broader life science major for first year. In second year you get more specific with your major.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Hmmm.. I think biochem would be the closest to biomed.
But you really don't declare your "major" until.. 2nd? year.
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
You can search UofT's page and click on departments. From there, you can go through the different departments and read each one's description. It'll be a lot better that if you do decide to go to UofT, you know what you're getting into, rather than knowing that some student thinks it's similar to York's Biomedical Science program.

And yes, you decide your majors/specialization/minors at the end of year 1 (so it really begins in year 2). But, you can always change it provided you have the prerequisites or are willing to extend your school time (either by taking summer courses or staying for some extra time).
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