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What scholarships are solely GRADE-based?

A photo of d0nut d0nut
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew of any scholarships that are based on high grades. I am interested in applying for some. Thanks!
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A photo of ktel ktel
Most university entrance scholarships. Some universities give out WAY more money than others. I went to U of A and received a lot of money, most of it grade based but not solely grade based (I had extracurricular activities too)
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A photo of SKHL SKHL
Most universities will offer an entrance scholarship that you are automatically considered for when you are applying for the university. At U of T for example, if you have a 92% average of above in Grade 12, you will be guaranteed $2,000 in the President's Entrance Scholarship. If your average is even higher, there are even higher scholarship amounts that are offered. I believe there are a set number of those scholarships that go out however, so it depends on how strong the rest of the applicants' grades are, but the President's Entrance Scholarship of $2,000 is a guarantee (it will go to any student who has 92% or higher).
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A photo of aimango aimango
Yeah most schools have their own individual scholarships for certain entrance average ranges. I don't believe there are any scholarships not sponsored by schools that are based on only grades. It's kind of unfair to give out that kind of scholarship anyway, since Ontario doesn't do standardized testing.
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