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What school to choose (UofT, Waterloo, Ryerson & Schulich)

A photo of zaidpass zaidpass
Hey guys can you please help me decide what school to choose from. I have currently been accepted to;
-Nanotech engineering @ Waterloo,
-Materials Engineering @ Uoft,
-Biomedical Engineering @ Ryerson (Back up)
-iBBA for Schulich School of Business,
and I anticipate that I will be accepted to Rotman commerce @ Uoft
(during their mid-may offers).

I am confused to which university to pick since all of the program I applied to are amazing.

I am a very social person who likes to go out alot and meet knew people. I like to move around and have fun while I study. I am planning to go to all of the campuses to actually see the university.

I was hoping if there any people in these programs or similar ones, they can help me decide which program to go into.

One of the hardest descisions for me is to either choose business (iBBA) or Engineering. I have taken no business courses in high school so I am a bit confused. I for sure plan on doing my masters (most chances MBA) after my undergrad.
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A photo of lolcostco lolcostco
yes, both iBBA and Nanotech are prestigious programs, but what would you rather end up doing?

four years or business or four years of engineering?
do you have experiences with both? have you been exposed to both?

it ultimately comes down to, what do you wanna spend the rest of your life doing?
what do you enjoy more?
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A photo of c1 c1
You should think about your skills, what you like more.

Everything depends on your personality. For lack of some social skills, i would choose Nanotech rather than iBBA (just example)

However, both programs are really great. For me study iBBA will be more interesting, but I don't see myself on workplace after this program.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
IMO i would only do nanotech or materials eng only if your really interested in it since they are more specialized engineering programs (espicially nanotech). But if you are really social maybe business is better suited for you. From my understanding most jobs in nanotech are in research.

If u remain unsure and u like the sound of all the programs go into nanotech or materials eng and if you really enjoy it stick with it. If you dont like it switch into a broader eng program lik mechanical where its not too hard to go into business after school or you could even switch into something lik indy or management which is closer to business. Granted this will set you back a year but at least you will have experienced it. However if you are really sociable and you dont really enjoy science and math i would just go into business.

No one can tell you which is better suited for you. You really have to look at what you enjoy doing and the kind of jobs each program entails.
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A photo of zaidpass zaidpass
Everyone is right, its really hard to decide.

I know that Engineering is one of the hardest undergrads, espacially from UofT and Waterloo.
I wanted to join the varsity Rugby team, but I think it will be hard to do while I'm doing engineering.

Can someone who is currently doing Engineering tell me how much time I will have to be active in school with sports, and social life.

Another huge factor is that I am unsure of what interests me more, Business or Engineering.
I think this might affect me in university since Engineering has the highest drop out rate. If I am unsure and I don't like LOVE engineering, will it be harder for me since I won't have the same drive as others who look forward to be an engineer.

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A photo of plato plato

@zaidpass wrote
I am planning to go to all of the campuses to actually see the university.

This is undoubtedly the most important part of assessing a university. Since you have not taken any business courses, I highly recommend you sit in a few lectures while on your visits. Try to attend lectures in each program. Visit the residences and common areas for a sense of the social scene.
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