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What school?

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I am a grade 11 student in BC who is trying to get ahead of the in planning for post-secondary life. I am very interested in engineering, and I want to go to med. school after my under-grad. I have 90% in Math 12 Honours, and over 100% in Chem this semester aswell as playing varsity volleyball, working, and helping out in the community. I want a university that has good academics, that is fun to go to, I will get good marks at (need them for med school), and that I will enjoy overall. So far I am leaning towards Queens and UBC. I think Queens is a better fit for me, but logistically, UBC makes more sense. Can you help me out, or even give a different recommendation? Thanks!
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Waterloo and U of T are excellent for engineering. McMaster has very good science facilities, a great medical school, and a good engineering program. Western is also good.
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Based on your wants, I think Western would suit you well.
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Come to Alberta, U of A has a great school, and I personally know a handful of engineers who went through the biomed program and then onto med school. This forum is full of Ontario kids so BC to Ontario gets completely overlooked
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