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what should i choose?

A photo of christianforever christianforever
so like many people that have experienced or are experiencing the process of picking the university of their choice, i am also having a hard time just thinking about it.

so these are my university programs and choices:

Western University - Kinesiology (science)
- plan to do honours specialization along with major in rehab science
- accepted
- perks: "fun"; plays sports earned towards your degree; less intense program, but still requires work lol

University of Waterloo - Kinesiology (science co-op)
- plan to specialize in ergonomics or pre-health professions
- accepted
- perks: co-op
- cons: my sister and many people say not to go since the university is not know for that program (kinda just want to go to piss off my sister, cuz she's like annoying)

University of Toronto - Paramedicine (science - join program with Centennial College)
- perks: more practical than the other programs; if i do well and succeed, i basically can get a job, whereas for the kin u need further study (you won't get a sustainable job with that)
- cons: its too close (better to get a out of town experience; independence)
- accepted

Western University - Biomedical Science
- not accepted yet (probably will get in, but small chance of not getting in)
- least interested in
- probably not gonna choose this one
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A photo of mccannca466 mccannca466
I applied to the Ryerson/Centennial College nursing collab program, and got in. It was already far down my list, but upon further examination I found out that Centennial college is crappy. As in crappy setting, not nearly enough room to do your work in, only 1 cafeteria and that is the only place to eat on the actual campus. I don't know about the academics.

If you value a nice campus setting at all, don't go there.
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