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What the chances of me getting accepted to sauders?

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Hi I am a first year UBC(okanagan) student. I just completed the first term with the following results:

-English 112 - 77%
-Econ 101 (Microecons) - 88%
-Math 116 (Differential calculus) - 99%
-Arth 111 (Art history) - 91$
-Fren 102 (Beginners french I) - 90%

My average for 15 credits is 89% (or 4.3/4.33 GPA) My core average(Econs, calculus and english) so far is 88%. I'll probably finish this 2nd term with an overall average of 82%-85% (3.8~4.2/4.33 GPA) if i suck. I don't have many ECs as I am a Canadian who has studied abroad my whole life, and I am pretty sure I only have an average supplementary application. Can anyone advise me on my chances of transferring into 2nd year Sauders?

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