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What to bring for college?

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So I'm hopefully going to Conestoga in the fall and I am planning to stay in residence. My biggest fear besides getting a roommate who will hate me, is forgetting something important. I have read articals about what to bring but there all written by people who have been out of school for like 10+ years. I was hoping to get some information from current college students or other student who know what they really want to bring with them.

Thanks a million :)
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A photo of tpenney12 tpenney12
other than the basics, which I'm sure have been mentioned a bunch of times in the articles:
- shower shoes
- shower bucket thing to put all your stuff in to carry back and forth to the bathroom
- ear plugs
- computer lock (especially if you dont know your roommate)
- i got a filing cabinet with a lock drawer to put my valuables in when i wasn't in the room (money, camera, etc)
- matress cover
- plastic drawers or a hanging closet thing (the closets usually aren't too big)
- fan
- fridge

Thats all that I can think of off hand. Usually the school sends you a list of things!
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A photo of emma1330 emma1330
-Bring at least one cup, plate, bowl etc. You don't think you're going to need them with a cafeteria, but you'll be surprised.
-Ethernet cable for connecting to the internet in your dorm room
-There's a lot more wallspace than you think. Bring posters/decorations/christmas lights, what have you, to make your room more liveable. Plants are nice, too, but they're probably going to die. You might also want to buy a scented candle or febreze or something, because the room is probably going to be old and smell a bit mildewy.

Yeah. That's all I can think of in terms of stuff I didn't think to bring at first.

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