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What to bring for residence

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Hello, I'm from BC and I am planning on to study at U of T in this Fall and stay in on-campus residence. As a result, my parents want me to see what I need to bring with me to the dorm. The thing is that I really don't know what I need to bring... So any suggestions on what I need to bring with me?

Also, I other irrelevant question to this topic, if I'm under the Health Insurance BC program do I need to transfer this to the identical government-run Ontario health program?

Thanks for your help!!
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Definitely bring your clothes. What else you bring depends on how much room you have and how much you want to spend on extra suitcases versus buying it when you get there. I'll let someone who has stayed in residence address this, as I have only ever lived off campus or with my parents.

You will stay with BC insurance as long as you are a student, as you are still technically a BC resident, not an Ontario resident. I'm from Alberta and use my Alberta health card here in Toronto, and at the U of T clinic, no problem.
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