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What to do? (Waterloo Honour Arts)

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So I applied to Waterloo Art and Business(co-op). I didn't apply to St.Jerome when they sent the letter. I'm just hitting the 80 average mark, to be honest it's probably 79.2 around, so we'll say high 70s. I got an alternate offer for Honour Arts. So what is the different aside from a my minor not being business? I don't really know much, is this program worth taking? Did I not get regular arts and business because I didnt'apply to St.Jerome? Can I transfer into Arts and Business after first year? Can I still do Co-Op?

I'm one of those paranoid students who really wanted Waterloo/Western for AFM and BMOS, but I realized I'm not quite that material and went a little lower. I really want answers, please and thanks.
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Hey, since you did not get into the coop program, it might be hard to transfer into arts&business in the future and have the chance to do coop because they need to keep their numbers on par. they cant have too many students with too little employers. you can definitely transfer, arts is pretty flexible from what i know. you just need a decent enough average. I do not think the issue was because you didn't apply to St. Jerome's.
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