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What to do with a business degree?

A photo of frozenyogurt frozenyogurt
What do people do after getting their business degree? Start their own businesses? I am not planning on going into business (I'm going either Science or Engineering), but I'm just curious. What's the reasoning behind going to business school?
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A photo of onlymatthew onlymatthew
Truthfully, I would say a lot of people decided that they would go into business through process of elimination. I've asked many people why they picked their business program and many have just said "I'm not good at science, lol". Business is a logical alternative since you have the opportunity to still make money and it's a competitive, rewarding field.

I would say business degrees are a lot more versatile than engineering of science degrees. Without additional schooling, you're pretty limited with just a science degree. You'd be restricted to only the science industry (or if you picked a very specific specialization, perhaps only that sector) and be pretty forced to pursue a professional or graduate school. Science is seemingly more narrow than business. In business, you can literally work in any industry possible.

Our society is run by businesses, and did you know that businesses are often run by people with business degrees?! It's a crazy world we live in. Businesses aren't just composed of entrepreneurs. Some of the major streams include finance, accounting, marketing and HR, and lots of companies will require people in each of those positions.
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
I agree with onlymatthew. Some go into business because they suck at math or science(like me) or lack of interest in other fields.
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A photo of Redprince Redprince
And than you have the weird people like me who love both business and science (mainly physics) who wish to pursue a degree in both. However, not many universities offer a dual degree in science and business -_-.

There are many business jobs out there. Not everyone becomes an entrepreneur with a business degree. In fact, you do not need a business degree to become an entrepreneur.
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A photo of nehalkazim nehalkazim
I'm finishing up a 4th year Business Management program at Ryerson University. Most people have an idea of where they see themselves but at the end of the day, if an opportunity comes up, people will jump at it. For example, if you were to specialize in Finance but have a passion for marketing, there is nothing stopping you to pursue a job in marketing. It actually brings more depth to you as a professional and makes you more of an asset.

In terms of the value of a business degree, I personally feel that undergrad doesn't mean much today. The undergrad is a prerequisite or a stepping stone to bigger and better things. I am looking into an MBA/CMA dual program after my undergrad. It doesn't make sense to jump into a masters/designation right after you graduate from my perspective because students haven't faced situations in a professional setting and don't have context when they're learning new concepts at an advanced level.

My 2 cents.

Do you know what you want to major in?
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A photo of Finance27 Finance27
Starting your own business? Cmon, anyone can do that.

Business school has specific fields, like onlymathew said, Finance (including Commercial, IB, Services), Accounting (Chartered, Managerial), Marketing (Brand, etc.), HR, IT Analysts, etc.

These are all professionals, and the positions can be obtained ONLY through a Business School, for most cases at least.
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A photo of frozenyogurt frozenyogurt
To me, business seems like a far riskier career than one in the sciences/maths. It's kinda like the arts. You aren't really gauranteed a good living. I also think that its a more stressful career, because you have to work your way up throughout your career. For careers in the sciences, after you get say, that dentistry degree, you're set for life. I think its true, lots of people who go into business just don't want to work in the sciences/maths. I'd say business is suited for people who are less studious and more street smart.
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A photo of TheConsultant TheConsultant
sure but getting into dentistry and medschool is no cake walk, if you dont do it your stuck with a healthsci degree which has little value... business can be riskier but if your intelligent you can do quite well, and if your smart enough and analytical to go into medicine you can do business is most cases.
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