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So here is the deal. Ive accepted my offer to study economics at Laurier. However, Im now realizing that even though I may find math theories interesting, I do not enjoy doing math and I am not very good at it. In all my "theory" courses I guess you could call them (Like English, International Business, even the economics course we have in grade 12) that are not math related, I get high 80s with no real effort being put forth. In maths, I always get 70s (also with no effort). If I dont like math, why am I going into economics? The job prospects are good but will I really enjoy it? I am maybe trying to think of things I could transfer into at Laurier (I really like the school), but still dont really know what to do.

tl;dr: I am going into economics, but I dont like math and am not good at it. Will I enjoy it if it is math related, and what do I do if I dont like it?
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I'm pretty sure you need to take a couple of math courses if you want to study economics. And the more in depth you study econ, there's pretty much a guarantee you will have to use math. So... didn't you answer your question yourself? ("Will I enjoy it if it is math related?" - Well no, because you just said in your previous sentence that you don't like math and you're not good at it.)And if you don't like your program, I'm sure that you'll be able to switch majors and study something that does not involve math...
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