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What's a good residence for UofT Engineering Science?

A photo of HealthSciDREAM HealthSciDREAM
I heard new is good cuz it's close and also there's a engineering floor?

Also innis i heard is good but i can't cook and probably won't have the time to?

any suggestions?

also what's galbraith society? should i apply to it? and what options should i put on the residence form on the spf portal?
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A photo of DadeMurphy DadeMurphy
Most if not all floors are good, very studious, great for when you're doing so late night coding :)

Galbraith society is basically a mentorship program, and is a great way to network with higher year students taking their Master's or PhD's, as well as a great way to meet professors.

I was in Galbraith, and I made friends with a lot of people who could teach me about the finer points of coding.
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A photo of bijanv bijanv
Personally I would go somewhere without engineers (UC, Victoria)! You'll be spending 4 years of your life with them, might as well make some non-engineering friends during your first year :)
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