yconic - whats a good way to stay motivated to keep working hard after midterms?
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whats a good way to stay motivated to keep working hard after midterms?

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I got accepted to Ryerson's Bcomm with a 82.5 average and the conditional offer states i must keep it at 79% or higher, the only course i'm really concerned about is English~ :P
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A photo of crossyourfingers crossyourfingers
A good strategy is to imagine yourself doing what it is you want in the future and realizing that you will only make it harder to get there if you start to let things go.

High schools (most of them) are free to attend and all you have to do is do your best in everything you do and it will help you get into the school you want, and perhaps make life easier by getting a scholarship to help you on your journey to reaching your goals.

Try to imagine how disappointed you would be in yourself if you did not reach your goals all simply because of bad decisions you made when you were young. Many that I know who are in this position tell me that if they had one chance to change things, it would be going back to high school and just taking advantage of a free education in order to make their future better than it is.

So believe in yourself and make it happen. Hard work DOES pay off. "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Good luck!
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1. To keep your offer.

2. Scholarships.
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you could even try to strive for a higher average to get into a higher entrance scholarship bracket
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