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What's better, Biochemistry or Biopharmaceutical Science ?

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So, I have been accepted to UTSC for Biochemistry and uOttawa for Biopharmaceutical Science (Co-op). I have decided that my goal in the near future is to either become a pharmacist or work for a pharmaceutical company doing research etc. I'm having a hard time choosing which program would be best/suitable for me. I understand that if I do choose to go into biopharm I cannot become a pharmacist with that degree as that is only specific to the pharmaceutical industry career area. If I choose the biochem option at UTSC I have the option of still doing research for pharmaceutical industries ( I believe) but after at least two years can be able to enter pharmacy school,(4 years) optometry, or medical school.

I would gladly appreciate it if someone can give me some guidance in terms of what the Biochemistry program at University of Toronto is like/ Biopharmaceutical science program at University of Ottawa is like and if possible explain the difference in the number of pathways/ career opportunities that can be open with one or both these programs.

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