yconic - whats the average i need to get into York University - Psychology program?
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whats the average i need to get into York University - Psychology program?

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i know you guys will say psy is bad, but i really do enjoy it and i'm planning on getting a masters degree afterwords in either clinical/human resources.

what's the average i will need to get into the program? how about the mcmaster's program.. or any other good one with co-op?

i think my average will be 86; but im gonna aim for an 88.

what do you guys think? thankss
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For York, the grade range to get into psyc is mid-70s. Check out einfo website (great for looking up university programs) and York's for more info:



As for Mcmaster, you have the choice of either programs: Life Science I or Social Sciences I.

Life Sciences I leads to a Bachelor of Science.
Anticipated percentage cut-off mid to high 80’s.

Social Sciences I leads to a Bachelor of Arts.
Anticipated percentage cut-off mid 70’s.

^I got this from their website. Also, check for prerequisites from the same link (scroll down to the end of the first page):


And by the way, psyc is not bad, but here's a piece of advice (which I should also be giving myself): If you want to follow your dream, work hard to achieve your goal. It's great that you plan to get a masters degree too. Hopefully that will make it easier to find a job after you graduate.

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