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whats the best residence at Laurier

A photo of nickbonk nickbonk
Next year I am attending Laurier (BBA) for my first year of uni. I was wondering which residence is known for what. Whats the party res? whats the nicest residence?
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A photo of AdJan AdJan
I'm not sure about the party res, but when I visited Laurier I took a tour of the King St. Residence. It's real clean and relatively new, being built in the last couple years.
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A photo of scollyhunter scollyhunter
Depends on what you want,ex. apartment vs dorm. The newer residences are King st (far away apartment style), WCH (single rooms), Marshall(apartment style),Bricker(apartment style) and Kings Court(single rooms). I'm guessing most people want to be placed in any one of the preceding buildings cause they are much newer and nicer compared to the other residences (speaking from experience). I don't know which one is considered the party rez but I can tell you that we at WLU consider Laurier Place Residence (LP) to be the ghetto lol.
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