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What's UTM like?

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Hi. I've been admitted to Management at UTM for sept 2012. I was accepted for this year but I decided to defer for a year. I have heard a lot of bad things about Mississauga and that UTM doesn't offer much of a university experience. I'd like to hear some feedback from someone who actually goes to UTM. Are there lots of cool people? Interesting classes? Please be honest with me because I don't want to go there and then regret my choice after a couple months.
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My cousin attends UTM because it`s close to his home! He also is in the Management program! He personally says it isn`t the best university for experience wiseé He said it has quite a few interesting classes and some really cool professors! My dad also works in the management and finance sector and tells me that it is a great school and he would recommend it to many people particually that program (Management)!

There actually are some good clubs and fun things to do such as Playdium, Square One mall but it`s more of an urbanized sector as I have visited the campus multiple times!

In my judgement I would say the school and the program is good, but the `feel` you might be looking for in a Uni is what i think it lacks!

Just a personal preference even though I am not even in University yet!

Hope this helps a little bit! :cheers:
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