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What's Vic One at U of T like?

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I'm applying to the University of Toronto and Victoria College, and I've been trying to decide whether or not to apply to Vic One as well. I was wondering if anyone who's in Vic One could give me an idea of what it's like?

I'm sort of a shy person, and I have trouble making new friends. The whole 'classes of 25 people thing' is a bit scary; I can foresee becoming a loner in that sort of situation fairly quickly. I'm also not sure what the 'seminar courses' part means. I can't find anything that describes them in detail on the Vic website (if I'm just missing the page that has that information, would someone mind linking me to it?), or even what the experience in general is like outside of a few vague descriptions.

I guess my main question is, is it worth it? Are there any big reasons I shouldn't apply, or would the whole thing be mostly positive/beneficial to my learning experience? Does the first-year experience for people in Vic One differ drastically from the experience for people not in it?

And I know it's quite difficult to even get into Vic One, so even if I do apply there's a big chance I won't be accepted, but it would be nice to know more about it.

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