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When can I get Queen's Early Offer (Commerce)?

A photo of KatrinaRiddle KatrinaRiddle
I applied to Queen's Commerce program with an average of 90%, and I am just wondering when do they start to give offers?
I would say my term 1 mark will be better than my term 2, and there's nothing on my "to do list" anymore, so do I still have to send them my term 2 mark?

P.S: some of my friends say Queen's does not look at the extra curriculum even though it asks for a PSE, is that true? I do have a lot of ECs, like Student Union,etc.
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A photo of lemony lemony
Most likely, sometime in February.
As for whether Queen's -truly- looks at the PSE, I can't say, I don't do the admissions.
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A photo of QC Advisor QC Advisor
Provded you make the minimum cut off, the Commerce Admission Committee reads your PSE (which includes ECs, essay, & supplemental essays). Cannot speak for the rest of Queen's though, I work in the Commerce Program.

QC Advisor
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