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When do you apply for univeristies?

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When do you apply?
For both early and normally just applying?

Is it a bad thing if I can't make it for early acceptance? Also what marks do they looks both grade 11 and grade 12 marks right? It's top six? :S

So many questions :/ Im grade 11 atm
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You don't "apply" for early acceptance. You apply regularly through the OUAC around October/November, depending on when your school gets the pins. Different universities and programs send out acceptances at different times. Typically if you receive your acceptance around the December-February time period, it's "early".

It's not a bad thing at all if you don't make early acceptance. Universities may be looking for certain grades that you don't have yet, so they wait to give you their decision. For early acceptances, typically the grade 11 marks are looked at. I'm not sure if it's top 6 or not, but probably just relevant courses to the program you've applied to. The next round typically goes out based on your first semester marks, and then the next round on your second semester mid-term marks. They do only look at your grade 12 top 6 marks, including any pre-requisites.
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