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When does york send out acceptances after midterm?

A photo of SydShore SydShore
Pretty self-explanatory, does anyone know when york will be sending out their post midterm acceptances? A friend of mine told me to worry if I don't get accepted by the 10th which seems off to me. (btw the program is psych)

Any insight is appreciated! thanks in advance
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A photo of inspirative inspirative
York doesn't actually send you an acceptance to your email, so make sure you check MyFile or OUAC. I recently received my acceptance to the design program, not sure about other programs.

Most universities apparently receive the marks on May 10th, so you should be expecting a response after then. I had friends who receive their's in mid June... so it's a waiting game.
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A photo of LadanNur LadanNur
I just recently got my acceptance so I think you should be getting one too, if you have the marks of course.
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