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When should I apply for a McGill bursary?

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OK, here's the issue:
I applied for two programs at McGill, and I've been accepted to my second choice, but not my first one yet.

The McGill site says that the bursary application is due "30 days from the date of formal acceptance to the University or June 30th (whichever comes first)."

So... when do I apply? Do I apply now (I don't suppose the bursary is tied to a specific program?)? Or do I wait till my other acceptance comes? If I get two different acceptances, does that mean I get two difference time slots during which I can apply?

I'm confused :S

Thanks for your help (:
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If in doubt, call and ask.

If calling doesn't yield any results(highly unlikely =P) then I would personally just apply for the second choice first and then wait. But call first!
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