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When should you let Universities know your taking summer school?

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I know only a few universities allow students to have the opportunity to take summer school and upgrade whatever it is that they need in order to get in in the fall. So I was wondering, when should you typically fax the proof that your going to summer school? Or inform them that your going (However you wanna word it).
I don't think it's wise to fax them this month or beginning of June since I still have the chance to bring up my marks right so I wanna wait until after exams and go to the exam review day then decide from there if I should go to summer school or not. But I also fear that this may be too late perhaps? and they might already have considered going through acceptance? which I think my brain is making up to make me more stressed than I already am about screwing up on my final year.
Can someone help me out if they know stuff about this?

EDIT: I'm referring to universities that do consider summer school marks to count after grad btw.
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