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When to apply for residence?

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
So I got my conditional acceptance from Conestoga college:cheers:

I was looking at their residence and the option to apply for the 2012/2013 school year application had opened. I was wondering since I'm on conditional acceptance can I still apply? And since I would prefer a private room should I apply now? or is it a little to early?
Thanks everyone!
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A photo of emilymegan emilymegan
I know how you feel! I got a condtional admit to the program I wanted from Waterloo and accepted it, and I was wondering when to apply for residence too. It does seem a bit early, but as long as you're sure you will not change your mind (as most residence deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE) then it can't hurt to apply now! Depending on which system Conestoga uses, early application may even help you get the room you want ;) Hope this helps!
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A photo of TaylorShandraw TaylorShandraw
I would apply for residence right away! I got accepted to the University of Ottawa in December and applied then because the residence i want is the most popular. I know at ottawa they start sending out what residence you are in at the end of march. You dont want to wait too long and lose a chance at getting the residence you want! Good luck!
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