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Where are all the scholarships?!

A photo of mechboyy mechboyy
Okay I've heard tons of people say "they're there, you just have to keep looking". I have searched days for scholarships and I've only seen a couple that I can actually apply to. I use many scholarships website and there is always a flaw to every scholarship I think I can apply to. Also, most of them require financial aid. Are there any community involvement awards that DON'T require financial aid? If so, please list them for me. thanks! :)
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Bit late to start looking now.
Many big scholarship deadlines are way past now. :P
I'm not sure where you're from but you can probably think of some smaller organizations within your community and go on their website, they have scholarship info posted on there usually.
Or go on the website of the university you're attending, they will definitely have tons of scholarships.
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