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Where do I apply?

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I'm extremely conflicted right now. University apps are due soon and I still haven't decided where to apply or which program.
I think I might want to go into biology. However, I'm also passionate about the arts, especially foreign languages and linguistics, and I kind of want to study French too. I feel like there will be something missing in my life if I only study sciences.
On top of that, I am not sure what my career goal is but I'm interested in teaching.

Here are some of the options I've considered:
Queens: Concurrent education: arts, science
Queens: Life Science
Mcmaster: Arts and Science
Mcmaster: Life Sciences
Ottawa: Biomedical science w/ French Immersion
McGill: Arts and Science

Any thoughts on the programs I'm considering or any other programs I haven't mentioned? I don't really want to go to UFT...
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Think about what you want as a career first. If it's teaching, do that. Apply to concurrent programs or apply to a few programs in one or two areas you can see yourself teaching in the future. I wouldn't do life sciences if teaching is your goal. York and U of T have good concurrent programs.
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Honestly, if you think you might want to teach then I'd do a concurrent education program. They are great because you will really quickly know whether or not a career in education is for you. Then you can simply drop the education component and stick with your other degree.

Since you are considering Queen's I'll briefly describe what you can do if you choose to go there for Con.Ed. Basically in first year you do all the courses you want (full 5 course load) - the only restriction you'll have is that you have to take first year psychology (and then there are no further restrictions in upper years, unless of course you do I/S). As a Con.Ed student, you can take all the lovely biology and French you want without sacrificing a career in teaching. Then, if you decide a B.Ed isn't your thing you can always drop the education component and continue on your other degree.

This is what I recommend you do, unless between now and when you apply that teaching definitely isn't for you. If you do decide to go that route, I also highly recommend applying to other schools as well. Queen's is somewhat unpredictable in their admissions.
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