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Where Should I go? UBCO, UTM or UTSC

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Applied for Management at UBCO, UTM or UTSC. I'm an international student.

Where should I go?

Need some honest opinions.

Is it better to go to UBC Okanagan and transfer to UBC Vancouver after the first year? Or is it better to go to UTM or UTSC and transfer to UTSG after the first year?

How's the social life and crowd at UTM and UTSC? Saw in the forums that Scarborough isn't that good of an area to live in, is that true?

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Can anyone help, please?
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Hi! i am an international student too. i am now studying at UTSC, but i am not in a business program.

UTSC is not as bad as you may think. It's still a part of UofT. Even though it is a satellite campus, you can get a great education here.

You are allowed to take courses and use all facilities at any UT campus.

My school has lots of competitive and great professors and its co-op programs are great.

My school is also famous for its business program. My school will give you BBA degree, which is different from Rotman.

Especially, business co-op program is very famous and competitive to get in.

Many people think that UTSC co-op business is better than Rotman commerce.

It's also possible for you to switch from regular business to co-op business if you achieve good

GPA in your first year.

or you can trasfer to UTSG with that GPA.

I strongly recommand you go to UTSC business program. Because you can

have either co-op option or transfer option after your first year as long as your GPA is good enough.

I don't recommand UBCO because it's about 500Km far away

from Vancouver and I heard that since UCBO was established just few years ago, it lacks lots of essential facilities. Also, its cut-off for admission is

too low compared with UBCV's.

I hope this will help you to make a decision.
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