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Where should I transfer to for Poli Science? HELP!

A photo of Thaddeus Thaddeus

Here is my dilemma. I am currently in my first year, studying Political Science at the University of Victoria; I am really enjoying the teaching and hope to one day attend law school.

I am vain; Prestige, Old buildings, Strong School Culture/ Identity
are important to me.
Where would I be happiest?(Which School do you think I should transfer to):
Stay at UVic

Although it is vain, here are the in depth reasons I am not satisfied with UVic:

1) I know it is vane, but UVic has, at least in BC, little prestige, and a reputation for being a bit of a party school/being very left wing (hippie school).

NOTE: I can honestly say this is untrue..perhaps 10 or 15 years it was true, but now the demographics have changed and UVic is now the second biggest research institution in BC with very, very serious and competitive students. Regardless I fear the bad stereotypes of UVic will not have completely changed by the time I graduate in 2015. Also I realize the law school here has a very good rep. and prestige, but I am just talking about undergrad for now.

2) I am disappointed in the lack of school culture, identity, unity, and traditions at UVic. I came from a high school were school spirit was taken very seriously, so it is a big change for me. I know this too probably sounds silly when it comes to deciding on a Uni.

NOTE: UVic pledges itself as an institution that is inclusive to the greater community and not exclusive like some schools. While I think this ideology is great on paper, I think UVic needs some "exclusiveness" to create school culture and identity. Frats and Soros are not even allowed here.

3) Lack of Pre-1900 Architecture. Again, COMPLETELY VAIN, but it actually matters to me. I know, laugh it up. :)

NOTE: UVic's old campus had some beautiful architecture, but it moved in 1969 (to Gordon Head) for more space and we lost our nice buildings.

4) Medium Sized University, Small City, and relatively Small Student population.

NOTE: These last three are much less important and 23 000 isn't even that small, and I am probably just thinking the grass is greener at a bigger University.

Okay, now that you know my discontent with UVic, (however vain, and misguided it may be) please help me to realistically select a better school to transfer to in my second year.
Personal experience would really be appreciated. Thank you in advance
BTW my GPA is not great..only 3.3
Here is what I have been thinking about:

McGill: This would be my dream school, but I don't believe I would get into PoliSci there with such a low GPA. Is there any way to submit a supplemental application to McGill?...any way to write a very convincing essay to help boost my weak GPA? I know its a long shot but I thought I would ask.

Dalhousie: I am sure I could transfer in here, but I am not sure if it would be any better for me than UVic as it is even smaller. However dalhousie has in my opinion a lot going for it..member of G13 schools, great prestige (as far as ive heard), strong research and good poli sci dept.
Has anyone gone to dalhousie? Would you recommend it for someone as vain as me? is there pre 1900 architecture there/whats the campus like?? How does it have such a good rep. for being such a small school??

uOttawa: Probably my second favorite choice after McGill. It has a great rep, big school (30 000), and is good location for political science. But do you think I could get in as a transfer student with a 3.3 GPA...I think its probably too low. Can anyone speak to this further?

UofA and UofS I could easily transfer to either of these Institutions, but would either be better than the University of Victoria in terms of prestige, campus aesthetics, and school culture? Im not sure, does anyone know much about these two schools. I have heard U of S has some nice old buildings for what its worth.

Queens: I like the idea of transferring to Queens as it seems to have an extremely rich history, strong sense of school culture and identity, and a beautiful campus. However, just like Vic, it is a small school with less that 20 000 undergrad and graduate students. Anyone here study at Queens? Whats it like? Prestige is pretty good is it not?

I am at the University of Victoria
I am vain, Prestige, Old building, Strong School Culture/ Identity
are important to me.
Where would I be happiest?(Which School do you think I should transfer to):
Stay at UVic

Sorry for such a long post, I just have so many questions and writing out how I feel actually serves as a bit of therapy for me.
Anyways, please over look my vanity and help me to decide as I am really stressed over this
Thanks in advance!

Thaddeus Jefferson
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A photo of CoutureCouture CoutureCouture
uOttawa definitely has the attractive aspect that it's in our nations capitol and therefor Fed. govt
Dalhousie and UofA have notable alumni- Peter McKay (Defense minister) and Stephen Harper, respectively.
I'm not aware of any alumni in politics that have attended McGill or Queens. However, McGill is rankedthe 26 best university in North America... I didn't see Queens on the list.
I'd consider UofT because its proximity to Ontario Prov. Govt or McMaster because it is a designated United nations University.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I dont understand why you want to switch so badly. I mean you mention that it has a good law school. Personally im from ontario and ive never heard of this rep of hippie party school etc and i think your over thinking it a bit. Look into queens and Mcgill there known to be "prestigious." So is UofT but ive heard that they mark fairly hard and seeing as your looking at law school your probably better off elsewhere.
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A photo of niklo90 niklo90
If you really want a school experience that has what you are looking for and a reputable Political Science program, Queen's is for sure the place you should be looking to transfer to.

I started my first year this year and without a doubt I can say it has been the best year of my life. I love the courses I am enrolled in, love the school and love the school spirit/culture. For the first time in my life it feels like I belong somewhere.

The Political studies program at Queens is very interesting. There are a wide variety of courses you can take in upper years that cover a wide range of topics.

There's always things to do at Queens, stuff happens on campus everyday.

Hope this helps.
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A photo of canta93loupe canta93loupe
If we're just looking at "prestige", McGill, Queens, and U of T are at the top of the list. uOttawa is a lot lower on the prestige scale... at least in my opinion. I think that you would be fine transferring with a 3.3 GPA for that particular school.
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