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Where to apply, where to apply?

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I really want to go to UBC, my reasons being that the campus is beautiful and I want to live in a warmer place than I live now. I was watching the 'Lip Dub' of UBC on youtube and got really excited about wanting to go there. Then I read the comments and somebody posted that UBC doesn't have school spirit. I really want to go to a school with school spirit and a vibrant residence life, otherwise going away from home will be useless. I want to live university life to it's full potential.

So my question is should I apply to UBC or not? Does it have school spirit? I am planning on applying to the vancouver campus.

Are there any other schools out there with really good school spirit? I'm not talking about like wild parties every night, I was thinking like pep rallies and fun events for the students and a couple parties.
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The best thing to do, would be to start applying to lots of jobs first.
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