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where to go?

A photo of mbender mbender
i am struggling trying to make a decision on a school. I really want to go to Carleton for a general BA with a music major, but i have been sick for the past year any only been recently been diagnosed with a connective tissue disease. I don't know if i should go to the school i want that is 8 hours away, or stay closer to home. any suggestions?
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A photo of InkSpot InkSpot
Carleton's BA in Music is not very renowned if I'm not mistaken. If you're deciding solely on the premise of the quality of the program, consider Carleton's BA in Music on par with your alternative. That being said, you haven't provided the forum with your alternative school; thus, it's difficult to say.

Secondly, what is the relevance of your connective tissue disease?
I'm sure you'd find care just fine in Ottawa.

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