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Where to live in Toronto?

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So I have been searching for a while for a great deal of bright/safe 2-bedroom apartment close to all amenities in Toronto.. Couldn't find cheaper than $1800 with utilites!!

Any suggestion where to live in Toronto to easily go to York everyday? My main concerns are safety/clean , less than $1600 without having to pay for hydro, water, elect. and of course close to school.

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Yup welcome to Toronto. Because buying is so expensive, a LOT of people rent and availability is at an all time low. Non-commercial landlords thus get very picky and can choose the "right" tenant, and not just one who can pay and won't make a mess.

I found a nice two bedroom near St Clair and Bathurst for $1250/month (utilities and parking included) which is on the right subway line to take you up to York (I should know, even though I go to U of T my department is East of York). This was after 2-3 months of searching. You need to be really diligent with the adds and come with everything a landlord might want (credit report, letter of employment, post-dated cheques, etc.) and arrive early if possible. It's competitive
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pro tip: renting rooms in a shared house tends to be cheaper than an apartment.
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hmmm, york doesnt give much options =\ i think theres sum apt's not too far from it though

but in any case...


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Check out The Village which is super close to York. You can find rooms there for like $450 a month, which isn't bad.
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