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Which Business Program is best for me? and Will I be accepted?

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First, I have applied to Laurier BBA, Brock BBA, Carleton Bcomm, McMaster Bcomm, and Guelph Marketing Management. My first semester average was 83.5% and I have been accepted to Carleton Bcomm and Brock BBA so far.

I personally am a aspiring entrepreneur looking to further my skills in all business perspectives (not specifically finance or accounting) before creating my first venture.

[size=7]In your opinion what program would I benefit most from?[/size]

Now, my mid-semester marks just went in and have brought my overall average up to 87% on the dot in my top 6M/U.

[size=7]What are my chances of being accepted to Laurier BBA (ABS Complete), McMaster Bcomm and Guelph Marketing Management?[/size]

BBB4M1 - 86
BOH4M1 - 88
PSE4U1 - 83
ENG4U1 - 74 (I know..)
MDM4U1 - 93 (Midterm)
MHF4U1 - 98 (Midterm)
Overall Average : 87.00%
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A photo of rafizaman rafizaman
Ull prolly get accepted to all those programs. About 95% sure.
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
oh phuckin hell, im 110% sure that u'll get into all these programz. (sarcasm)

but yeah, ur chances of getting accepted seems high. and the best program would be laurier. however, research and visit the campusez before deciding. luck pal
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