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Which campus would you choose and why? (UofT)

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Whenever I ask about University of Toronto, the majority of opinion state that the downtown campus is much more fulfilling and all-round better than the Mississauga (sp?) and Scarborough. I guess this is true b/c of the people that are dt and the fact that its basically the centre of movement.
I got accepted to UTSC, not St. George campus for Management and Economics yesterday. My parents suggested me to try my hardest in the first year then ask to transfer to St. George in my second (also first year on residence in UTSC, then 2nd year in an apartment for ex.) year. I want to know if its possible to do so, or am I stuck in Scarborough for all my undergraduate years?

What are your opinions? (and thanks in advance!)
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you can apply to uoft SG 2nd year, just maintain a good gpa!
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