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Which college at uoft holds the psychology department?

A photo of salimush salimush
Hey everyone i applied to Uoft St George for psychology which is under life science, but i remember upon applying i was to pick a specific college either trinity, Innis etc.. but anyways i looked online and there was only general info about the different colleges. Does anyone know which college holds specifically psych classes and lets say i applied to the wrong campus can i switch colleges at the beginning of the year. Any ifo would be much appreciated thanks :)
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A photo of summergirl01 summergirl01
Your college has nothing to do with your major (Psych). Pick whatever college your like, you can still do whatever major you like.

Campuses are another matter, I know there's psychology major in UTSG and UTM, not sure about UTSC, but they should probably have it since psychology is a big field.
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