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Which course should I take? (Bsc, BTech)

A photo of Anjz Anjz
I got early acceptance for:

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons), Networking & IT Security (UOIT)

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons), Game Development & Entrepreneurship (UOIT)

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (Ryerson)

and I'm pretty sure I'll get into York Comp Sci. as well. (I signed up but I'm not sure about UofT though)

Personally I was going to take Networking & IT security at UOIT, but now I've been having some second thoughts because

1. I live in Scarborough and Oshawa is like a 1 hour transit.

2. I've been hearing UOIT is new and people who hire don't recognize them yet.

For Ryerson I can just take the subway downtown and it's beside Eaton Center. But I'm not exactly sure about the computer science program.

Which programs do you guys suggest? Thank you. :D
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A photo of TheKey TheKey

@Anjz wrote

2. I've been hearing UOIT is new and people who hire don't recognize them yet.

Don't take in what everyone is saying. I would suggest you actually go to UOIT during their openings and stuff and actually ask the professors and other people there about where and how many of their graduates get employed.

I'm in the same situation as you. I applied for Nuclear Engineering UOIT and other engineering programs at different universities. I'm really concerned about the employment rates of some programs because some of them are not accredited. I will probably go to the university and ask them in person about employment and stuff.

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