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Which courses should I take?

A photo of Hockey1923 Hockey1923
I am in grade 12, and I want to get into a health or life science program.
I looked around at the university requirements for the health/life sci. programs. It doesn't recommend calculus and vectors in some, but one guidance counselor tells me to take it, and another one doesn't...
do I need it for these programs? I'm kind of freaking out now!
P.s - The courses im currently taking- Grade 12 Bio, Chem, advanced functions, religion (I go to a catholic high school, so it's mandatory to take it)world issues, and exercise science. I already have my grade 12 credit from taking it in the semester last year. Is it recommended to take exercise science for health and life sciences?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
You should take calc. Exercise sci is not necessary for health/life sci.
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A photo of KayS94 KayS94
I think you should look into the universities & programs you want to get into, and take courses based on that. Also, always double check what your guidance counsellors tell you- a lot of the information they know changes on a yearly basis and they may not always be right.
Generally, having one or two math courses is good, and biology and chemistry for health/life sci. Exercise science isn't necessary, but is good to have if you want to apply to kinesiology.
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A photo of ChristaJones ChristaJones
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
You should take:
English 12
Adv. Functions
Chemistry 12
Biology 12
Exercise Science
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A photo of KristiFung KristiFung
I would personally take it, because depending on where you go, it MIGHT say that if you didn't take it in high school, you'll need to take it in university.
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