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Which grades count?

A photo of sarahl23 sarahl23
When applying for scholarships, do they are at all what you did in grade 9 or more so just 10/11/12?
And also, what if you had a major acheivement in grade 8 and wanted to mention that?
So what I'm basically trying to ask is there a certain time frame that scholarship evaluators look at?
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A photo of ktel ktel
It depends on the scholarship. Some might only look at grade 12, some grade 11 and some maybe grade 10. I doubt they would go as far back as grade 9.

A major achievement four years ago isn't going to look very good, in my opinion. They might wonder why you didn't put down anything more recent.
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A photo of sarahl23 sarahl23
Ah, thanks.
I guess I didn't use the right wording by saying "major acheivement". What I'm wondering about is I went on a huge mission trip in grade 8, which led to inspire my small charity organization. I've been doing many things since then but I was just curious to know if I could mention how/why it all started.
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A photo of ktel ktel
Definitely mention how it started, but don't spend a ton of time focusing on that activity. But yes that could definitely enrich your essays.
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A photo of threepointonefour threepointonefour
Personally, I think that although only grade 11/12 grades will be considered (for the most part) achievements at any time are important to mention, espescially if they are relevant to what you are doing now. Personally, I had been involved with a charity for nine years, and I definitely mentioned events I had been a part of from a long time ago. Also, how it started is important to people reading your essay: it proves you have passion- they want to see you're not just padding a resume. So play up the fact that you did something great when you were so young, and show how it's helped you grow!
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