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Which is better for Nuclear Enngineering UOIT Or Mcmaster

A photo of jackspacker jackspacker
Mcmaster has Engineering physics with minor in Nuclear Physics.

But UOIT have a proper Nuclear Engineering program.

Mcmaster have really good Reputation,but sh*t infrastructure for engineering students.
Where as UOIt have good infrastructure but bad reputation among my friends.

I want to do Phd in nuclear engineering , So which university should i go for undergraduate program ..

Jack Spacker,
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I've probably said this at least 10 times in other threads
but I would say
Program > School/Reputation
The school can be beautiful and the best in all of Canada, but if it's not somewhere you want to be, you're not going to be motivated to do well, especially if you're thinking of getting your PhD.
If it's something you're really passionate about, it shouldn't matter what your friends are telling you about UOIT.
It's your education, not theirs.
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