yconic - Which McGill rez would be right for me, and what should I expect?
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Which McGill rez would be right for me, and what should I expect?

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I'm planning on going to McGill, and this is what I have gathered so far:
New Rez has got great food, own bathroom, but it is expensive and you have a roommate.
RVC is all girls, pricey, and perhaps less fun.
Douglas is probably the best, but majority of scholarship winners get in there. Since I'm only accepting now, I probably don't have a hope.
Sloman or whatever is far away from campus.
I'm probably missing some.

I would prefer my own room, and I think it would be nice to go co-ed. Just so I meet more people, and not all girls. I've never really partied before so I don't know what to expect when I get there. (If someone could give me a lo-down, that would be great.) But I probably will not be that comfortable in a hard-core party rez. I don't mind sharing a bathroom, although my own is obviously preferred... I just want to meet people and feel like part of a community. Good food doesn't excite me as much as bad food repels me. Any rez to stay away from? Don't mind any location within 10 mins of walking.

Gosh, this was long. Thanks. :)
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