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Which of these is a valid reason to miss a test?

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My teacher has a policy of documentation for any absence regardless of family emergency, bereavement, and illness. Usually, this is a good policy. However, would you consider the following exceptions:

One student had the flu with a temperature of 101 degrees (not close to death, but very sick) and did not give a doctor's note. Is it really the best idea to waste two hours to go to the doctor and get a note while they should be resting? An illness can be severe enough to keep someone from any kind of work, but that doesn't mean going to the doctor will help. Think about a bad case of the stomach flu: What is a doctor going to do? Dragging a vomiting self to the student health center would be as difficult as dragging a vomiting self to class.

Also, think about asking students for documentation about deaths. If I was a teacher, and the loved one of one of my student's dies, I would not feel justified asking for proof of death. If I was a student, I would be insulted. What about you?

And what about the family emergency excuse? There's a student who missed a test, said it was a family emergency, and did not want to say what the emergency was. Is the student right not to reveal personal information to someone she/he has only known for a few months?

Are all these excuses justified without proper documentation? I guess for the second one I would believe the second, but what about the first and third one?

You could give them a pass, but what if it happens more than once? Then what do you do?
Also you have to be fair. How do you know the difference between a pathological liar and someone who has 3 grandparents that happened to die on the day of the test?
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