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Which program to choose?

A photo of LilyKatherinee LilyKatherinee
Hi everyone! I'm really confused about my future. I don't know whether I should go into a program in Math (finance) or Science (life science) or Nursing. Here's the pros and cons of each(i've been accpeted everywhere):

Math- Waterloo
- hard to learn
- never thought I'd ever pursue a career in this subject
- applied because I was good at math

Science- University of toronto downtown
- want to become doctor
- can't find a job if I don't get into med school
- enjoy campus

Nursing- queen's and mcgill
- tiring job
- taking care of others (good or bad?)
- can still take MCAT and become doctor
- some people think it's a degrading job

As you can tell, I am very confused. Any opinions would be great! Thanks :)
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A photo of StellaSparx StellaSparx

@LilyKatherinee wrote
Science- University of toronto downtown
- want to become doctor
- can't find a job if I don't get into med school
- enjoy campus

Well if you want to be a doctor, go to UTSG for life sci or Queen's/McGill for nursing. Imo, I don't think you should go to UW for math just cause you're good at it...do something you actually want to do and work hard for it.
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A photo of computerengineer computerengineer
Personally, I would choose life sciences if I wanted to become a doctor and pharmacist as a backup.
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A photo of Serllen Serllen
What you can do is go to each program's calender and find all the courses(second year and above, since that's when you get to declare your major) that you need to take in order to earn the degree. Then give scores to each of the courses on the scale 0~10 based on how you like each of them. After that, you sum up the total and see which one has the highest score.
This is one easy method of making sure that you like the program that want to go for university without having the need of spending a lot of time surfing the websites for information on program details, opinions ...etc
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A photo of tukr tukr
Nursing is NOT a degrading job! I have so much respect for nurses and the work that they do. I'm not really weighing in on what I think you should do, but definitely don't let "degrading job" be a deciding factor because nurses are who keep everything running. Also, after nursing if you don't want to become a nurse, you can go into community/public health, and you said you like math, so there's like biostatistics etc, and you can pursue med school too.
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A photo of greygoose greygoose
It sounds like you want to become a doctor, so go into life sciences! I'd especially recommend not going to Waterloo if you're leaning towards medicine, because if you decided to do a faculty switch, the life sciences program at Waterloo is not great.

I say reach for your highest goal, and only if you fail, consider something else (maybe nursing).
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