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Which School Do I Go to ???!!! Confused.

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Taking price into consideration, help me decide what to do into!
I got into:
University of Windsor-BCommerce Honors w/Co-op
University of Guelph - BComm Accounting
University of McMaster -Business 1

I got into a bunch more, but i've narrowed it down to these. Also I live in Windsor, so that makes a difference. Currently go to Vincent Massey.
Help me out!! Which will get me a job with the highest pay and faster than the rest. Looking into going into Accounting or Finance, not sure though as I havent done either of them obviously yet.
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McMaster is miles ahead of the other two schools in pretty well every area.

While Guelph is a decent program, I don't think you should consider it. It would have to come down to Windsor and Mac, and the only reason for Windsor is cost. If you really need to save money and want to live at home, and do not want to shell out the extra bucks to go to a better school, than consider Windsor. If not, go for Mac.

Mac is good for accounting and alright for finance (much better than Guelph/Windsor though). It is fully accredited by ICAO, and for finance it has a live trading floor that is supposedly pretty kick-ass, although I have yet to see it myself (and likely never will).
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