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Which school?

A photo of Diane Diane
Since most university applications are due by January 12th, I want to finish the applications before winter vacation starts.
Although, I'll still have supplemental applications to do for some of them...

So, people that are going into life/biomedical/health sciences,
which schools are you applying to?
Which ones do you recommend?
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A photo of Shootingstars Shootingstars
Being interested in going into medical school I have done some research and found that in Canada some of the top medical schools are

-University of Toronto
A really great school for doing academic research and especially if you like to be in a big city with all the hustle and bustle.

-Queen's University
A prestigious school to go to if your financial situation permits and if you want to get into life sciences.

-McMaster's University
This is one of the school I have been recommended of most frequently (next to UFT). It has an excellent science and medical department and program.

-Dalhousie University
I have not researched this one as much but it is a great spot if you want to be more rural and get away from home.

I want to get into obstetrics and gynecology and I would apply to UFT, Queens, and McMasters, because of their overall research centres, rankings, alumni stories and other stuff.
I didn't research any U.S. schools so all this could have been useless to you. (sorry)
I hope this helps some.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I recommend McMaster and Western University. I am applying into similar programs and these are my two top choices. They have extensive medical programs that are very highly ranked. There is also Queen's but it is not solely medical based - it is an engineering school but there is a little med-program there.
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A photo of xXxUfacStorAxXx xXxUfacStorAxXx
I applied to Mac and Western. If you're looking at the premed track avoid U of T. Just try to go somewhere that you like and will get the GPA that you need.
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A photo of christophersingh christophersingh
yep i applied to western, macmaster and queens that being the order in which i hope to get
i hope to get into premed and from what ive heard western and mcmaster have very good science and medical programs
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A photo of kyla_d kyla_d
I applied to:

Guelph Bio-med:
The program is really cool and you even get to work with Cadavers in third year if you wish to. The school is great and the campus feels really homey and welcoming. Plus this is a slightly less competitive program so I will be abel to get the GPA I will need when I apply to medical school

Western Bio-Med:

I really like how this program is set up and the opportunites you get because of its relation to the medical school but I feel that it would be more difficult to do well here as the program is extremely competitive and the school atmosphere is a little scary and intimidating for me.

Laurier Health-sci:

I don't know as much about this program. But laurier looks nice enough, the program description sounded interesting and I can apply for the 100 laurier scholarships so I decided to go for it. It is also a less competitive program so again, higher GPA.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I'm already in undergrad but I applied to Queen's life sci, U of T life sci, Western biomed sci and Mac health sci. All 4 are great programs.
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A photo of sportsman sportsman
I'd consider the U of A. It has amazing research programs because of state of the art facilities and technology and continues to expand. They have three new facilities dedicated for health sciences due to open in the next two years and have plans for more in the near future. It is already a leader in this area of studies across North America.
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A photo of Krista Cow Chau Krista Cow Chau
Western, Queens, McMaster are all great schools for sciences.
However both Queens and Western excel in business.
McMaster has a lot of focus on its sciences so if you really want a good school with experiences, McMaster is a great choice.

I would stay away from UoT. It has a great Med School but for undergrad, it is very hard to boost your GPA.
My source? I have friends who are in second year life sciences at UoT and their averages range from the 40s to 70s.
If your goal is trying to get into med school, go to a school that will boost your GPA.

Hope this helps!
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A photo of tucanj tucanj
I was wondering how the life sci programs compare between Mac and Queen's. Are there more course options at one school over the other? Or research opportunities? What would you say is the area of strength for each school?
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