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Which third (or second) language to learn?

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English is my second language and I have not perfected yet (or never will haha), but I am also interested in learning a third language:

(Perhaps my first choice, given that I am planning to reside in Canada for a long period of time. French language can be found everywhere, even on the other side of a juice box. If I were to get a government job, although there exists some English essential jobs, French is usually the must have)
(It uses its own character, Russia is pretty big and has had great influence on other East European countries. Once learn this langauge, I will be able to learn languages like Serbian or Ukraine easily, share the love for the piano and mathematics...
all lame. just becasue Russian women are pretty)
(I like their strong accents. I am a fanatical fan for Beethoven. Also share my passion for musics, mathematics, and philosophy.)

What do you guys prefer to learn? Any other suggestions?
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Well, what do you want to do later? What industry do you want to work in? Where would you like to travel? All important questions to ask yourself
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Ktel is wise. It depends entirely on what you want to do.

If you're sure about wanting to stay in Canada, then French is definitely the best choice. I can't tell you how many jobs I've missed out on because I'm not fully bilingual (although I'm working on it). Being fluent in French makes a huge difference in getting interviews and callbacks, although of course it's not a guarantee of a job.

If you're in business, languages like Mandarin, Japanese or Spanish would probably be wiser choices.

If you're in humanities, German or Italian are both good choices.

Although it would be interesting and fun to learn, Russian probably won't be that useful unless you want to live/work in Russia or eastern Europe some day or unless you're 100% sure that you want to study Russian politics or Russian history.
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